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The Invasion war, by Mathias HENG

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The Invasion War

Elle et Lui Photographie accueille le reportage de Mathias HENG sur la guerre en Ukraine.

L'exposition débutera le 24 février 2023, jour anniversaire de l'entée des troupes Russes en Ukraine. Les oeuvres seront exposées pour partie de façon traditionnelle en tirages expo et pour partie dans les cadres IONNYK, que vous pourrez découvrir à cette occasion.

VERNISSAGE SUR INVITATION le 24 février 2023 à 18:30 (procédez comme pour un achat pour réserver votre place au vernissage) à la boutique Elle et Lui Photographie, 59 rue Condorcet 75009 Paris (métro Pigalle, Anvers, Notre Dame de Lorette).

Quelques mots au sujet de Mathias HENG:

Mathias Heng is a photojournalist. His images from humanity issues had a powerful effect on him, for that reason, his decision to become a photojournalist. He spends much of his time on assignments and photo workshops. In his travels to places of war, disaster, poverty and human struggle, Mathias has photographed several conflicts and their effects on the civilian population, producing a body of emotionally moving documentary work that captures key moments and turning points in history.

Since then, Mathias devoted himself to documenting war, disaster, poverty, social issues and humanity.

Having covered many conflicts and the effects on the civilian population, Mathias Heng’s work appears in The Sunday Times, The Washington Post, The Guardian, The Australian, The Age and newspapers throughout Asia and Europe. His images appear in books and magazines worldwide as well as non-government organization magazines such as Leica Fotografie International, Schwarzweiss, Focus, New Internationalist, The Australian, Eureka Street, Oxfam USA, Oxfam Australia, CARE International, Plan International, Caritas Australia, Australian Volunteers International, AusAID and International Labor Organization (UN). Mathias has published three books.

He has worked on extensive photographic essay in Afghanistan, Australia, Bangladesh, Burma, Cambodia, China, East Timor, France, India, Indonesia, Iraq, Jordan, Japan, Kiribati, Malaysia, Mozambique, Nepal, Pakistan, Papua New Guinea, Singapore, Spain, South Africa, Thailand, Ukraine, United Kingdom and Zimbabwe.

In spite of his exposure to many atrocities, Mathias has never lost his passion and commitment to humanity, or his ability to capture images which speak to people around the globe.

Mathias HENG

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